Monday, May 15, 2006

MY Survey

This report presents the results of a survey on optical knowledge. We have made this survey because this is our program at the CEGEP and we want to know some interesting things about the people and their vision.

Our survey is varied. We have 10 questions and all of these are multiple-choice. But, someone included a specific personal answer. We have 47 respondents and most of them are students of Edouard-Montpetit College and some are our friends and family. Most of them are informed about this subject because they have answered with intelligence and brightness. We don’t have problems with some of the answers. But, we have some people who skipped questions. So, we think that it’s better to skip questions than to answer if they don’t understand and make erroneous data for our survey. Also, 72.3% of the respondents need an optical correction, so this survey presents, in majority, good results.

The majority of the respondents live throughout Quebec. About 12 live in Longueuil followed by 2 in Europe and 1 in North America. Most respondents are between 11 and 20 years old and have a myopic prescription while the rest have a far-sighted prescription. Half of the respondents wear glasses and the other half wear glasses and contact lenses. The reason why so many people have glasses instead of contact lenses is because many of them can’t touch their eyes or because they like the look of glasses. Most people buy their glasses and/or contact lenses in independent stores because the price is cheaper than the prices in commercial stores (New Look, Iris, …). Almost everybody chooses glasses for the look, not for the brand. And they want and they keep their pair of glasses for 2 to 3 years. But, someone thinks that he or she can keep them for all their life! People who need visual correction wear it all the time but 31 persons answer that it is more often for watching TV. Finally, 30 respondents wear sunglasses but only half of them have a correction in their sunglasses. ANALYSIS We have a question in particular that interested us: What kind of correction do you have? With the knowledge that we have in this field, we know that after the age of 40, we begin to be far-sighted. It’s the law of nature. Nobody can foil this problem. So, we have 4 respondents who answered that they are 45 years old and more. And in the question 3, we have just one person who answered that she is far-sighted. So, we think that the 3 other people don’t know what far-sighted or maybe the sight test isn’t recent. Also, nobody skipped this question. Another thing is that some respondents are located in North America and Europe. So, maybe in these countries, the vision isn’t an important factor if the visual problem is not big. Also, another interesting question is in number 5: Do you prefer glasses or contact lenses? Explain why. 81.4% of the respondents explain why and the results are very interesting. All the answers are the advantages and the disadvantages of wearing glasses and contact lenses; for the style, they are practical for sports, more comfortable, vision is better, … On the question 6, we know what the people look for when they buy glasses. The results are very varied. It’s important to not forget the fact that the respondents could answer more than one choice.

So, with this survey, we have seen what the people need for their vision. We also see what their habits are, the frequency of the purchase, their needs and so one. For some questions, we were surprised by the answers of the respondents. But, for the majority, we are satisfied by the results of this survey and we are happy to know some information about the optical choices and the customers.


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